Gambaidos Vision.

2 min readMay 16, 2021


What is Gambaido?

Gambaido ($Gamba) is an upcoming long-term project launching on the Binance Smart Chain in the near future. Our team strives to build an optimised IDO-Launchpad and pairs it up with entertaining mini-games to play against your friends!

The Vision of Gambaido is to be the leading provider of token presales by continually developing an enjoyable and engaging IDO-Launchpad.

We will fulfill this Vision by having:

  • A Driven Team: Our vision stems from our passion for video games and an increased involvement in the crypto-scene, especially in launchpads and DEX-Tokens. The Gambaido team members are determined to provide a platform that exceeds the consumers expectations.
  • An Innovative Environment: The Gambaido platform is designed to be enjoyable for everyone, even those that are not as familiar with crypto. The three polished singleplayer games and our staked one on one games are created to be user friendly and hyper-casual. They will include achievements and your own personalised avatar to unlock new, custom clothing, titles and other exiting features for.
  • A Focused Goal: Every team member understands how their contribution plays a part in our ambitious growth path. We also share a commitment to stability and effective, strategic growth. Our first goal is to deliver a working platform before going public, instead of launching based on an idea.

What makes Gambaido unique?

The current market leaders in the IDO-Launchpad scene lack enjoyment and intuitive UX-Design. Gambaido strives to fix that! We want to make launching tokens transparent, enjoyable, and safe for customers. In addition, we pride ourselves on being recognized for innovation in our industry. We want to keep moving forward and provide more and more people the opportunity to grow their ideas.




$Gamba is an upcoming long-term project launching on #bsc in a couple of months.